What are the best countries for online gambling, poker, and sports betting?

Ever since the poker worlds “Black Friday” in the USA came about there’s been a lot people wondering where in the world they can live and play poker or other gambling games online. It’s hard to say where in the world is the best place to gamble online because a lot of that is very subjective. However, the following countries have a lot going for them and they should be on the top of your list if you’re planning to move somewhere new for online poker or gambling.


Not too far from the US, and with a great lax position when it comes to online poker and gambling, Canada is a great place to play online. The country’s infrastructure is in line with what you’re used to seeing in the United States. There’s great food and lots of things to do. If you speak english you’ll also find that most people there also speak english.

When Pokerstars shut its doors to US players a lot of them decided to go to Canada in order to play online poker. Even to this day you’ll see poker players like Jason Somerville playing poker from Canada.


If you hate the cold weather then Instead of going north to Canada you can go south to Mexico. It’s a huge country with lots of places to live, but if you want somewhere that has some english then you’ll want to stick to the cities near the US border or the ones that attract the tourists.

Some other benefits are things like a low cost of living there, and of course the beautiful beaches. One of the big downsides though is the bad internet connections there. If you do decide to move there for internet gambling then you best have more than one internet service provider. Some people at 2+2 forums have even reported losing both internet connections at the same time sometimes.

United Kingdom

Across the pond from the US is the UK. If you can afford the higher cost of living here it might be the place you want to be. The UK is another country that’s on par with the US when it comes to standard of living. You’ll be relatively safe there, and there’s always something to do. You’ll also find the EPT poker tour here and a host of casinos to choose from when you aren’t playing online.

Another great thing about the UK? It doesn’t tax your gambling winnings. If you’re curious about living here then you can try it out first with a visitors Visa. They’re pretty good about handing out tourist Visas that can stretch for up to 6 months if you want.

Bottom line is if you can afford to live here then definitely give it a shot. That is, unless you hate the weather here which seems to be rainy and gloomy a lot of the time.


If rainy and gloomy weather is not your thing then you should check out Australia. You’ll find a high standard of living here that’s on par with a lot of what you see in the US (Some would say even better). You’ll find a beautiful country with a developed infrastructure. And of course there’s the beaches.

Australia is another one of those countries that will be relatively safe when compared to the rest of the world. You won’t have any trouble finding something fun to do here. If you can afford to be out here then give it a shot. You might just love it and never leave.

Costa Rica

This country is very close to the US with a quick 3 hour or so flight and you’re there. Just like Canada and Mexico you can be there quickly which is one of the reasons why many US players have gove here to gamble online. You’ll also find a lot of english being spoken here which makes it easy for you to get around and find what you want. Let’s not forget the beautiful weather and beaches.

As far as internet connection in Costa Rica, it’s pretty good, relatively speaking. You won’t find as much trouble here with internet like you might see in a place like Mexico, but it’s not as reliable as the US, Canada, the UK, or Australia for example. Still, people love to come here and end up never leaving because of the weather and easy going people that live here.

United States of America

Yes, the US is a great place to play poker and other gambling online. Within the US you’ll have to check each state’s laws to see what the rules are for online gambling. As far as federal laws go, there are no laws that explicitly prohibit US players from playing online. Instead, the federal government has deferred that onto the states to decide.

When it comes to the states, Washington is the only state that has specifically outlawed internet gambling in their state. Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey have state regulated online gambling. The other states are left with the options of playing at some of the other international gambling sites.

For poker players that want to play Pokerstars tournaments against the rest of the world it makes it impossible to do so. That’s because Pokerstars has pulled out of the US market ever since the poker black friday. If you want to play against the rest of the world you’ll have to play from one of the other countries mentioned before.

However, if playing against other people like that isn’t your concern then you have a host of options to choose from in the US.

Get out there and gamble online

Wherever you do decide to gamble online be sure that you pick places that are safe and have a good reputation. It’s your money and it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re being careful with it. It’s also your responsibility to keep up with your local laws and follow them.

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