Why Can’t I log Into My Bovada Account? How To Fix It.

A lot of people were reporting problems logging into their Bovada accounts last week. If you were one of these people and you still can’t get into your account you need to follow a few steps given by Bovada to insure that your computer is up to date so you can access the software.

Bovada Facebook followers were told that Bovada was working on fixing some problems with people logging in. They told them to follow their instructions in order to fix the problem. It seems everything is now fixed and you should be able to log on to your Bovada account if you follow their directions.

Logging into Bovada fix by updating your operating system certificates

On January 29th Bovada put this information out on their website and their facebook page. The following link takes you to the Bovada webpage with detailed info and screen shots of the fix for the problem.


A lot of people reported that option 1 worked for them. I’d recommend that you go through the options starting with option 1 and then go on to the next one if that doesn’t work for you.

Bovada says, “In order for the Bovada Poker Software to perform optimally, your operating system must have the most up to date certificates. Use the step by step instructions below to ensure your operating certificates are up to date.”

Here’s the links That Bovada gave everyone with information on this fix.



It seems that Bovada is providing its players with a $2000 prize pool poker freeroll as a way to compensate them for their troubles with logging into the site. The information on that freeroll can be found at this page. That freeroll is running this Saturday February 8th at 3pm ET.


Media courtesy of Bovada

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  1. I’m having trouble logging in. I was just on about 2 hours ago.. and now it will not work on either b of my computers.

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