Facebook $5000 GTD Freeroll At Americas Cardroom & Black Chip Poker

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You may have seen this freeroll sitting waiting in the Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker lobby wondering where you can find the password or ticket for this tournament. If you try and register it will show up as free and ask you for the password. You won’t find the password anywhere on the web because there isn’t one, yet.

This freeroll is a new type of promotional stunt pulled off by Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker in the hope that it will create a buzz and encourage more people to sign up for Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker to play online poker. This isn’t the first time I have seen poker rooms use social media for advertising, but this type of promotion is unique because they have made it into a type of contest.

The winners of the contest get seats into this $5000 facebook freeroll.

How do you get into the Facebook $5000 GTD Freeroll?

In simple terms, you have to go over to the Americas Cardroom facebook page and like them first.

Then you make up a contest entry name and then you like the entry.

Really simple!

The good news is that it’s really easy to enter the contest. The hard part is getting enough likes to be eligible for the tourney. Only the top 18 people in the contest will get an entry into the Sit’n go freeroll. The great part about that is if you are lucky enough to get an entry you are guaranteed to win at least $100. Then win the 18 player sit’n go and take home the first place prize of $850. Not too bad for a freeroll.

Actually this is great for a freeroll. Too bad it isn’t a bit easier to get entry to it.

How many likes do I have to get to gain entry to the freeroll?

As of this writing it looks like you will need more than 500 likes in order to get into the top 18 players of the contest. That is no easy task. So unless you have thousands of facebook friends and a tons of twitter followers you can coerce into liking your contest name entry you are more than likely not going to be able to gain entry into the freeroll. Too bad because it would be easy money. A sure $100 at least.

What else can I do if I can’t get enough likes to get into the tourney?

Well if you’re like me then you found out about this promo a bit too late and/or you don’t have enough people to “like” your entry. In that case, why don’t you consider liking my entry and railing me. If you do I will put you into a pool of people that also liked my contest entry and if I make it into the tourney I will find a way to share the joy of winnings. Maybe draw names out of a hat for some Amazon gift cards or something. If you do decide to like my entry then please send me your IP address so I can verify that you actually clicked through my site and liked my contest entry.

My entry is:
sit’n go race’n

Otherwise good luck out there.

Either way- this is a pretty neat little promo from Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker. Maybe next time though they can make this facebook freeroll a little bit easier for people to get into. I would have preferred that a couple hundred people be able to gain entry to the tournament. I think that would have been more beneficial to them anyway. 18 people gives us a very slim chance.

Facebook $5000 GTD Freeroll Information:

Here’s the link to the official promo page at Americas Cardroom.

You already make great calls at the table. Now we need your help calling the shots in our marketing department.

We’re creating a version of a progressive race, just for Sit ‘n Go and On-Demand Tournament players. And if you can come up with the best name for it, you could win a spot in our exclusive 18-player Sit ‘n Go for $5,000.

Want a seat? Here’s how:

The top 18 participants whose name suggestion gets the most likes will get to play in a Sit ‘n Go for $5,000 on Sunday, December 1st at 6:00pm ET.. Best of all, every player in the tourney will get paid.


Image courtesy of Henry__Spencer on Flickr

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