Gambling with the best and worst casino game odds

Are you making a special trip to a Casino any time soon? Do you know which games will give you the highest odds to win while you’re there? For some people stuff like that isn’t important. They just want to go and play. However, if keeping the odds more in your favor is something that you hope to do then you should learn about the different types of Casino games that will give you the better odds.

So which games give you the edge?

As a general rule, the table games will give you the best odds. That’s assuming you know how to play optimally. Most people don’t play optimal strategy all the time. In fact, very few people actually end up playing optimal game strategy when they get there. Sometimes you just make a bet because of a feeling. Sometimes it’s just for fun. In any case, if you can stick to the best game strategy you’ll do better at some of these table games.

Table games have the best odds

Lots of people don’t realize that table games actually have better odds than the slot machines. I’ll admit, the table games can seem intimidating. You have to deal with a dealer and sometimes you have to play with or against other people.

Don’t be afraid though. If you’ve never given table games a try you should this time you go. You might enjoy it more than you think, and you might be able to come out a bit more ahead than someone betting on slots the whole time.

The great part about the table games these days is that they have some electronic style table games where you can make smaller bets. You’ll see games like Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette being played with a machine. The odds on these games are just like the other table games. The only difference is that you have a machine as the “dealer”. They can be less intimidating.

Another bonus is that the machine table games can usually be played with lower bets. So if you were scared off from playing Blackjack because you couldn’t find a table minimum less than $10 a hand you’ll be happy to see these table game machines that let you do it for $1 a hand or even less.

So, if table games have some of the better odds, then which table games should you try out?


One of my favorite choices to put the odds in your favor is Poker. Not the video poker that you see on the machines, but the poker that you see at the poker table. The table where you have a bunch of other casino patrons like you sitting at the table and gambling with each other. When you throw in this element of regular people at the table you can really gain an advantage if you know what you’re doing.

On the contrary, if you don’t know what you’re doing then poker may not be your best option. There are a lot of important decisions to make at the poker table, and if you are new I’d suggest playing some free poker online first to try and get a handle on what’s going on. I wouldn’t learn that game at the Casino. That might start costing you lots of lost money.

Once you learn the game though, you’ll be playing the game with some of the best odds to win. There’s a reason why you’ll hear about professional poker players, but never hear about a professional slots players. That’s because there is no pr slot players. You can’t win consistently at slots. You can though, playing poker. Poker would be my number one recommendation to beat the casino. Well, actually, you’re beating the other players at the tables.


If playing poker against other players isn’t your thing you can try your luck in Blackjack where you can try to beat the Casino instead. Blackjack has the best odds in winning with a house edge of 1% in most casinos.

Blackjack needs some thinking to play, but you won’t be playing against poker pros that do it for a living. Instead you’ll be playing against the casino dealer. It’s also one of the easiest games to play. All you’re doing is looking to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21.

If you’ve never played before you can try this game out for free online online too before you give it a go. Lots of brick and mortar casinos will give you free lessons online and in person if you ask them about getting help learning how to play. They’ll be happy to assist you. If you are looking for help then I’d recommend doing it earlier in the day when it’s not so busy.

If you make a mistake in Blackjack you’re just going to lose the best you made on that one hand. However, if you make a mistake in poker you could lose your entire $100 stack in one hand if you’re not careful.

The bottom line, if you’re new to table games then try Blackjack first. Once you get the hang of things give poker a try.


If cards aren’t really your thing then maybe dice is? The next best option on your list will probably be the craps table where you’ll find odds almost as good as blackjack.

The problem with the Craps table is that it might seem confusing for a beginner. There’s all sorts of places you can put your bet, you have people rooting for different outcomes, and it might all seem a bit intimidating. The good news is you can also try this out online for free before you give it a go for real money. Learn the rules and practice first so you can understand the game a little better.

Don’t forget, with Craps you can also find a machine based dealer where you can sit at the table and easily just watch for a bit. There’s nothing wrong with watching before you make your first bet.


Is Craps just too confusing for you? Do you hate cards and dice? Then maybe Roulette is where you need to be. I should say that Roulette odds are not as good as the Craps table odds. However, it is much easier to figure out, and it will have better odds than most slot machines.

In this game you make a bet and then watch to see where a ball will stop on a spinning wheel. You can stick to better black or red and getting almost 50-50 odds similar to blackjack, or you can go for the bigger payout bets where you just choose a number or a row or numbers.

In any case, Roulette can be a fun game that could give you a better edge than playing slots. If you can spend some time learning Poker, Blackjack or Craps I would do one of those over Roulette if all I cared about was the best odds to win.

Where are your worst odds to win?

Interestingly enough your worst odds are going to come at the slot machines and that big wheel that you see them spinning around. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t have to think that much to play the game then you’re likely not getting the best odds. That isn’t always the case, but for the most part it’s true.

Slot Machines

Sometimes you just want to play slots. I get it. I do it too. They’re fun, and they’re easy to just sit at and hit the button, maybe have a drink or two. However, you can make smarter bets at the slot machines too.

If you want to make the smart bets then you need to read the game odds screen and see what you get for each bet. Sometimes it’s worth it to make a larger bet, and sometimes it isn’t.

A good rule of thumb is that you’ll get the best slot machine odds if you stick to the max bet on the machine. If you can’t make the max bet on the machine then your next best bet is usually to bet the least on the machine. That isn’t always the case as you’ll have to read more into the rules of that specific game to see what it says, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

There are times where you might still benefit from a bet that isn’t at the max and isn’t the smallest bet either. One example that comes to mind is with the Game of Thrones slot machine. In that game you can make a .50 cent bet which plays 2 reels or you can open up the 3rd reel with a $1 bet. Then you have the max $5 bet that can win you the jackpot, however you can also win the jackpot with the $3 bet.

Since $3 is the minimum bet you can make to win the jackpot someone could argue that you’re getting the best value out of a $3 bet. $3 is the minimum you can bet to play all 3 reels and have a shot at the jackpot.

Of course, to get optimal slot odds I’d recommend you look up that specific slot machine and see what people are doing. In general though you should go for the max bet most of the time since that will give you the best odds of winning.

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