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Do you have a birthday coming up? Well if you do you probably know about all the places that give out birthday freebies for your birthday. Places like Starbucks where you can get a free drink for your birthday if you have a Starbucks card. Places like Moes and Captain D’s where you will get emailed a coupon for a free meal if you sign up to their email list. There’s a huge list of restaurants and shops that offer things for people on their birthdays. Even the movie theatre (Regal) will let you in for free on your birthday.

So I said to myself why not the poker rooms that I play at online?

This past year I gave it a go. I went ahead and sent in an email to support asking for any sort of birthday freebie or bonus that they would offer me for my upcoming birthday so I could celebrate. The online poker rooms won’t advertise anywhere, but if you don’t ask for it then you won’t ever know.

Here’s what I did-

I sent out an email to all the online poker rooms that I have an account with asking them if they would give me anything for my upcoming bday.

Here’s the email I wrote-

My birthday is coming up on (bday date) and I was wondering if (online poker room name) would give me anything for my birthday as a gift? I would love to get anything you can offer me if at all possible. I love to play at (online poker room name) and I will continue to do so.

Thank you for your consideration.


Not everyone responded with something for free, but I did get something.

What I did with Aced Poker is that I emailed them directly to their support emails address and they replied to me with a free coupon for a tourney. It was one of their promotional tourneys for the month where you had to earn a tourney ticket so it wasn’t worth much, but I did end up winning $25 from placing in that tourney.

The email from Aced poker was very personal and thoughtful. They didn’t have to give me anything, but they were willing to give me something to make me happy. I thought that was great customer service.

This is what Aced poker had to say,

Dear Marwan,

Thank you for contacting us.

Marwan, we have just awarded your account a coupon for the Freeroll Fury tournaments, this was made as a loyalty bonus. Please feel free to check the bonus on the Poker program. Do not forget to check the promotions at the site too.

We are always here to help you. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any additional questions in relation to this or any other matter. Your reference ID for this email is *******; please quote this number in any further communication on this subject.

Kind regards,

Rafael Miller

Aced Support can now be found at

Bovada wrote me back with a generic email that said,

Dear Marwan,

Thanks for contacting Bovada Customer Service.

We appreciate your time writing to us regarding a bonus for your account.

We don’t provide upfront bonuses and there’s no available bonus on your account; however, we do have promotional offers which are emailed out on a regular basis and we suggest that you kindly check your email regularly.

Kindly note that to payout any bonus funds, you must meet the rollover requirements associated with this promotion. To do with the said promotion, you must wager a total of 3X in Sports, 20X in Casino or you must earn 3 Poker Points per dollar issued.

If you would like to check the list of available bonuses online, you may visit the link below:

Bovada Promotions

Our Customer Service Team is available at 24/7 to help if you need anything else.


Bovada Customer Service

I was a bit disappointed with the generic response from Bovada after receiving what seemed like a more personalized one from Aced Poker because Bovada is one of the best US facing poker sites that pays their players quickly. I feel “safer” having my money at Bovada than most other US facing sites, so I expected them to give me a little something.

Although, to be fair, Bovada does hand out a lot of freebies to its facebook followers that comment and share posts over at their facebook page. I was still a little surpised they didn’t offer me something small for my birthday.

Poker Birthday Bonuses are easy

So if you have a birthday coming up try this out and see what results of it. You may end up with much more than a tourney ticket. I didn’t do all the rooms that I could this year, but I will be sure to do most of them next year.

I wonder if some of you have done this with some of the other poker rooms and what you have been awarded for your birthday. Please comment below if you’ve ever had any bonus awarded to you from a poker room for your birthday or any other way for that matter. We’d love to get those tips.


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