How To Get Free Money To Gamble With On Your Birthday In Las Vegas

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I was just recently in Vegas for a couple weeks in March and I was with a couple friends who had a birthday while we were there. I wished that I also had a birthday because they got lots of freebies to play with. Great stuff, all just because it was their birthday.

Casinos change their promotions all the time so it isn’t 100% sure that you’ll get the same things, but it is highly likely you will because all of the things I’m about to tell you they have done now for 2 consecutive years in a row. I can only assume it will be the same next year when their birthdays come around again. Also, a lot of these things aren’t even advertised. You just have to know about them. So my best advice is if you’re in Vegas on your birthday be sure to ask everywhere if they have any comps because it’s your birthday. Expect them to ask for ID obviously.

I tried scouring the internet for other places that give out freebies on your birthday, but I’m not going to list those this time because I can’t verify that they worked for someone I know. The items I’m listing below I know do work because I saw them do it with me present. All together they got over $100 of free money to gamble with.

Also, these are freebies that just relate to Casinos. There are other freebies in the area that relate to food and restaurants, but I’m not going to list those here. That can be for another article. This is just for Casinos and gambling.

The Luxor Spin the wheel for freeplay

If you go to the Luxor Casino on your actual birthday they will give you a chance to spin their freeplay wheel where you can win anything from $5 up to $100. Just head over to the players club booth where you got your M life players card and tell them it’s your birthday and that you’d like to get your freeplay comp spin. You can and should also ask them if they give you any other comps or freeplay since it’s your birthday. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

One of my friends spun the wheel and she landed on the $5. She was a bit disappointed with that. However, the nice man that spun the wheel decided to give her $25 instead. He even said before she spun the wheel that you’ll get at least $25. I’m not sure if that’s standard or if he was just being nice, but either way I’m letting you know what happened. It was nice that she was able to get that extra $20 to play with.

My other friend spun the wheel a couple days later and he landed on the $100 spot! Very lucky as that’s the biggest prize on the wheel and it’s not easy to get. Lucky birthday boy.

Here’s a tip- You can usually just get 1 birthday promotion from the partner Casinos. Luxor is part of MGM Resorts International. All those Casinos use the M Life Players Club cards. Bellagio, Aria, MGM, Luxor etc, they are all M Life. We went around and checked all the other M Life related Casinos and we found that the best freeplay comps came from the Luxor oddly enough. You would think that maybe somewhere like the Bellagio or the MGM would have better things to get because they are bigger Casinos, but that wasn’t the case when we checked. Although when you check you might find something different.

Plus when we asked the Bellagio Players Club if they did anything for your birthday they told us they didn’t have anything for us. When we asked the person working there if some other M Life Casino did give out comps for your birthday they told us that they didn’t know of any. This was either a lie or they really didn’t know. Either way, the best thing to do would be for you to go ahead and check it out for yourself. If it’s your birthday you will get comps somewhere. You just have to ask.

Wynn $10 in freeplay issued for your birthday

At the Wynn we found out that if you get to their players club, the “Red Card”, within 48 hours before or after your birthday you’ll be issued $10 in freeplay. Just to be sure I would go on your birthday if you can just in case, but the representative informed me that it can be within 48 hours of your birthday on either end. You just show them your ID and your players card and they’ll issue the $10 on your card. Everyone gets the same $10, and they have been doing this comp for a couple years now.

South Point Birthday freeplay on your birthday month

At South Point you’ll get $7.50 in freeplay on your birthday month. You can get the freeplay yourself by sitting down at one of their slot machines. You’ll first have to play through 1 point or $1 worth of bets in order to release the birthday freeplay bonus. You don’t need to go to the players club to get your freeplay, but if you do go there be sure to ask them if they give out any comps for your birthday. You never know when someone will say yes.


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  1. My bday is Jan. 29,1976. I’ll be 40. Never been any where.just same ole thing every year. Not to mention I’m disabled and fighting disability so I’m poor…ugh. just needing a get away out of Kansas.for fun & relaxation.

  2. South point no longer gives you anything for your birthday.

    Also Landed on $5 at Luxor and they only gave me $5

    Casinos in Vegas have gotten pathetic. I’ve gambled thousands upon thousands at MGM properties and pretty sure I’m worth more than $5

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