How do you reply to “Will You Show If I fold” at the poker table?

Simple answer, I think staying silent is the best way to go.

However, I do think it’s wise to keep the people at your table happy. Each situation is different, and sometimes it could be better to say something then nothing at all.

Let’s say for example, you have been sitting at the table for a while and your villain had been drinking and having a good time.  It might be smarter to keep villain happy so they stay at the table and spread more money around.  Just be nice.

It seems that the consensus at the 2+2 forum is the same. There was a variety of answers, but the one that people kept going back to was to just say nothing.

A few people did think that the answer was situational, and that sometimes you could induce a call or fold by saying the right thing. That may be true, but it can also do the opposite of what you wanted as you’re more likely to give off some sort of tell if you speak.  If you sit there staring at the felt and say nothing there really isn’t much your opponent can read from that.

happy fish at the poker table


Keep the fish at your table happy

There were a lot of funny comments in the bunch that were obviously jokes, but I also saw a few comments that seemed serious that suggested saying you would show, and then if villain folds the hand you would also quickly fold it into the muck.

That type of thing can make the other player angry, and I don’t see much value in making someone angry and putting them on “tilt.” I think you’d get more value out of keeping this type of player at the tables. If this player is a fish, then why not just be nice and keep them playing at the table? If the player is a shark, then you aren’t going to put them on tilt anyhow.

When in doubt, I think it is hands down just shut up and say nothing that will get you the best long term results at the table when you are faced with the question, “If I fold, will you show?”

What do you think? Has this happened to you at the tables? Do you agree that staying quiet is more often than not the best option, or is this a bad sampling of posts from the two plus two forum?

Image Credit: Greg McFall with NOAA’s National Ocean Service

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