Juicy Stakes Poker Is On A Roll, Now Offering Player 2 Player Transfers

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If you would have asked me about Juicy Stakes Poker 3 months ago I would have told you to stay away from this site at all costs. However, the recent change in management seems to be making a big difference for the US facing poker site.

Yesterday, management rolled out another feature that was taken away from Juicy a few months ago. The player to player transfer. A few months ago when player to player transfer was still available with the old Juicy Stakes management running things you would routinely see trade requests on the poker forums where the Juicy Stakes money was valued at 30 cents on the dollar. It was not at all strange to see deals go down for 15 cents on the dollar. Juicy Stakes money was not in demand as it was looking like you would never see that money.

New Juicy Stakes management getting people paid

That all changed when the new management came in. People started reporting getting their money within 2 weeks on the forums. It has been about 2 months of good withdrawal times history for Juicy. Juicy Stakes poker players seem to be happy. Although there are a few complaints about the $100 fee they put on the withdrawals. With a max cashout of $1000 that’s still a big piece of the pie for Juicy.

Most players don’t waste their time making a cashout unless it’s for the maximum $1000. But when they do make that cashout they are getting paid within 2 weeks. Unfortunately it’s $100 less than what they asked for.

Player to Player transfer is back at Juicy

With Juicy Stakes back on a roll with their cashouts they have now decided to put player to player transfers back as an option for players. This is great news for everyone. It’s a good sign that things seem to be working out for them so far. It’s also good news because a lot of people don’t want to cashout $300 and pay a $100 fee. The best way to avoid that is hopefully to be able to trade your Juicy Stakes money for some other form of payment with another player. It will be interesting to see what the going rate will be for Juicy Stakes money now that it’s being paid out again.

With the max cashouts paying 90 cents on the dollar ( if you make a max $1000 withdrawal you would get $900) then I would assume that a trade is going to be worth much more than the 30 or 40 cents on the dollar that it used to be worth. I suspect that it will be more like 70 cents on the dollar. Only time will tell what the trade market dictates for Juicy Stakes poker money.

Here’s the email that Juicy sent their players about the player to player transfer option that was coming back:

Hey, Juicy Stakes Player

Juicy Stakes has now rolled out the Player2Player Transfer feature! Each account has a maximum transfer limit based on the VIP level.
You will find the Player Transfer tab by logging into the poker client and going to ’Cashier‘
If you have any questions, please contact our support at support@juicystakes.com
Juicy Stakes provides one of the best payment systems in the gaming world today and can guarantee check payouts within two weeks – or we will return the fee!

Best Regards,
The Juicy Stakes Team


Image courtesy of Henry__Spencer on Flickr

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