Mike Matusow Is Fuming After Terrible Slowroll By Shaun Deeb: Are The Younger Poker Players Just Disrespectful Of The Game?

Poker night table

A slowroll is when you slowly turn over what’s sure to be the winning hand. It’s considered bad etiquette to slowroll someone at the poker table. That didn’t stop Shaun Deeb from taking this chance to pick at Mike though.

It was during a “Poker Night In America” show taping where it all went down. The beginning of this video clip shows Matusow getting felted holding QQ against Tom Schneider’s AA. This wouldn’t be the worst of it for Matusow though this night.

Starting at around the 3 minute mark in the video it begins with Mike opening the pot with a raise to $400 holding JJ. Greg Mueller had put the straddle on with $100, the blinds were $25-$50. It folds around to Deeb who calls the bet holding 55. The blinds fold and they go to the flop.

The flop comes 10c-5h-5c. Mike leads out into the pot with a $1000 bet. Shaun Deeb waits for a while pretending he isn’t sure he wants to continue in the hand. Then he calls the bet nonchalant while talking and laughing with others at the table. The turn comes the 4c. Mike bets allin for his remaining $4575.

What happens next is both funny and mean. Shaun Deeb knows he has him crushed, but instead of calling instantly he just sits there waiting as if he isn’t sure what to do. Then he looks to his right and mouths out “quads” as he smiles and shakes his head up and down. He then takes some more time to think about it all the while smirking and trying to hold in a smile. He finally says, “Alright I call.”

Mike turns over his hand first quickly, and then Deeb turns over his quads. The table erupts in laughter. Hi fives ensue. It was an almost made for tv type of hand that producers dream about. Mike was not happy to say the least. Although I do agree with him that the slowroll was unnecessary I think part of the reason Deeb did this was because of the group dynamics at the table. People were ordering drinks, laughing and talking it up. It seemed like they were all just having fun, kind of like how you would do in a home game.

Mike said, “I’ve never slowrolled anybody in my entire life. I never will.”

After the short break they come back to a fuming Mike.

Mike: “It’s the only thing in life I don’t f***ing deal with… If you ever f***ing slowroll me I’ll punch you in the f***ing mouth. You think I’m joking, I’m not.”

Are the old days of poker behind us?

Decades ago this type of behavior at the table would not have been tolerated. Even though some people might say Mike overreacted a little bit considering the situation, he had every right to be upset. It’s just uncalled for to really stick it to somebody when you know you have them beat. Decades ago there would have most likely been one hell of a fight in this type of situation. You’re just not supposed to do this at the poker table.

Unless you’re playing a home game with a bunch of really close friends who like to mess around, you really shouldn’t even consider doing this type of slowroll – even for a laugh. It’s both humiliating, and disrespectful. Poor Mikey—

I hate to admit that it was a bit funny though.


Image courtesy of Ian Murphy on Flickr

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