New PokerStars Update Gives Regular Grinders A Way To Exploit Recreational Players

PokerStars mobile icon at the tables

Recently PokerStars came out with a new software update that displays a mobile device icon next to a players avatar if they are using a mobile device to play online. The PokerStars regulars are using this mobile device indicator as a way to identify weaker recreational players.

If you’re a recreational player that’s playing poker with your smartphone or tablet then you better pay attention and disable these icons so that you aren’t targeted at the tables.

This recent update is enabled by default for everyone so if you don’t know any better you may get hammered at the tables. The update will display whether you are using a smartphone or tablet to play at the tables and you can see it next to your avatar. The regulars will then use that info and immediately label you as a recreational player or a fish since you aren’t able to use a HUD ( heads up display) with a smatphone or tablet.

If you don’t want to be exploited then you should turn this indicator off so other people can’t see that you’re using a mobile device.

Discussion at Reddit implies this new update is a gift to grinders

The regulars are assuming that if you’re playing on a mobile device that you are less likely to be a good player because you won’t be able to multi-table or use a HUD or some sort of third party poker tracking software.

Proof of this can be found at the discussion on the message boards at Reddit. HeyitsClay said, “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t 3betting a lot lighter all day at the zoom tables thanks to this change”

If that wasn’t enough to sway you to think that it matters then see what MaestroOfMirages had to say, “I played an 8-hour session last night. +95% of those marked with the icon were mega fish. I couldn’t stop playing lol. I remember seeing only one player with TAG stats (more like nitty, he was 16/14 on 6m). PokerStars gave us a gift imo =)”

The discussion at Reddit can be found at this link. Head over there to read more opinions.

Wishmaster90 starts off the discussion with “Since last night I’m seeing a mobile or tablet icon above some players. What do you guys think about this? I really had the feeling most players playing on their mobile devices were really bad. It gave me some sort of advantage or immediate tell that they were fish. Loved it!”

PokerStars January Daily Challenge includes mobile requirements

PokerStars launched an opt-in promo that requires players to verify that they wanted to try out with the new promo by “opting in”. Usually PokerStars auto opts-in all the players, but this time for some reason it was different and they required players to opt in manually.

However, the January promos have been requiring players to play at certain SitnGOs and certain places. Regulars at Reddit have discussed exploiting players at the cash game tables and Zoom tables. If you plan on using these icons to exploit these fish then I would suggest you opt in to the January mobile promo so you can be aware of the requirments for when and where they will be playing.

How to NOT display that you are using a mobile device when playing at PokerStars

The new software change added a couple choices to your table display menu where you can decide on how you want that information to be displayed to others. You can go in there and choose to not display your mobile icon to others while still keeping the option to display whether other people are displaying those icons.

To find the options you do this:

Go to the main lobby

Go to Options > Table Display Options – And then uncheck “Show My Mobile Device Icon To Other Players”

Leave the option “Show Mobile Device Icons Of Other Players” checked if you want to try and take advantage of this information and exploit the other “recreational” players.

It seems that, for now, unless a change is made by PokerStars to disable the mobile indicator option by default then we can assume that regulars are going to use this to take advantage of the so called recreational fish with those icons next to their avatars. Online grinders seem to be happy with this change right now as it’s still very new to everyone and it’s unlikely that the fish even know that they’re being targeted because of the icons.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to turn this indicator off so people don’t know that you’re using a mobile device. That’s the best way to stay away from this mess of a tell that PokerStars has given to their poker room regulars.


Media courtesy of PokerStars

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