New Years Eve Bingo at Green Valley Ranch Casino

This year the wife and I decided we wanted to try something different for new years. We were going to be in the Vegas area visiting my relatives so we had a lot of options to choose from. We ended up picking a new year’s eve bingo session and we had a blast!

Although we had a lot of choices we also had plans to watch the college football playoff games earlier that night. We ended up picking Green Valley Ranch because we had been to that bingo hall a couple times and we really liked the people there. Also, it would be a short drive home after everything was done. Uber is great, but I don’t care to be in the car for very long when I’ve been drinking and now tired and ready for bed. So Green Valley Ranch it was.

What do you do at New year’s eve bingo?

The best part about the New year’s eve Bingo if you ask me is the large buy ins that give you larger prize payouts. Each Casino’s event is different so you should call and ask if you have questions. We had a great time drinking and playing bingo. If you’re wondering how that even works (drinking and dabbing the correct bingo numbers) then you should know that you get the electronic bingo machines. That way you don’t have to do anything other than yell out bingo when you hear your machine has won.

That’s really the only way to go. I don’t think they even allow paper bingo during this event because I guess they know that people wouldn’t be able to keep up with their bingo cards while drinking. It’s supposed to be fun so a few drinks are ok.

What Station Casinos had New years Bingo?

We went to Green Valley Ranch Casino because it’s the closest one to our home, but you have tons of options. Check them out:

New Years Eve Bingo

Fiesta Rancho

New Year’s Eve Bingo
Wednesday, December 31 • 11PM Special Session
$2,015 Coverall with $500 2nd Chance Coverall
$215 3rd Chance Coverall
$30 Buy-in. $10 Additional Packs

Fiesta Henderson

$5,500 New Year’s Eve Big Game
Wednesday, December 31 • 11PM Session
$30 Buy-in. Tickets available now.

Boulder Station

$15,000 New Year’s Eve Game
December 31 • 10:45PM
24 games, including Four chance coverall
$30 for first pack, $10 for extra packs.
Four pack minimum for electronics.
Buy in before 12/15/2014 and receive two extra packs.
Between 12/16/2014 and 12/30/2014 and receive an extra pack.

Texas Station

$20,000 NYE Bingo Game
December 31
Tickets on Sale November 1
$7,500 Pre Party New Year’s Eve Game
9pm, $20 Buy-In, $5 Extra Packs
$12,500 New Year’s Eve Game
11:15pm, $30 Buy-In, $10 Extra Packs

Red Rock Resort

$25,000 NYE Bingo Game
9PM $10,000 game $5 extra packs, $25 entry
11PM $15,000 game $10 extra packs, $35 entry
Balloon Drop, Champagne, Engraved Champagne Glass at 11pm
$55 if you buy from December 1st-15th
& recieve 1 free electronic pack. $60 day of sales.

Palace Station

$15,000 Holiday Spectacular
Saturday, December 27
$5,000 Pre Party at 3pm.
$10,000 Main Game starts at 4:30pm.
$10 buy-in for pre party. $25 buy-in for Main Game.
$30 buy-in before December 20 for both games.

Green Valley Ranch

$20,000 New Year’s Eve Game
December 31 • 9:30PM
$40 Entry Pack (9-on)
$10 Extra Packs (6-on)

Sunset Station

$20,000 New Year’s Eve Super Session
Only $50 Entry – Extra Packs $10!
On sale now!

Santa Fe Station

$18,000 New Year’s Eve Celebration
Cash Drawings, Cake and Champagne
Reserve Your Seat Today in the Bingo Room. Tickets are $40

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