PPA Members Get Free E-Book “Fundamentals Of Poker” By Mason Malmuth & Lynne Loomis

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This past week I was notified in an email that the PPA was giving out another freebie for being a premium member of the Poker Players Alliance. A free e-book titled “Fundamentals Of Poker” written by Mason Malmuth and Lynne Loomis.

This book is provided to PPA members thanks to Two Plus Two Publishing. The email goes on to say, “Whether you are a novice poker player looking to learn a new poker game or a seasoned veteran looking to brush up on your fundamentals, this book is a valuable resource to any poker player. At just $15 a year, great benefits like this and many others continue to keep PPA membership the best bet in poker.”

Here’s the email I got from PPA Membership Director Bryan Spadaro:

PPA fundamentals of poker free book email

I read through the book and I think that it’s best suited for beginner and novice poker players. If you’re a veteran winning player then I doubt you’ll find anything in this book that would be new to you. However, it’s a quick, fun read either way so I highly recommend it for brushing up on some of those other poker games that you don’t play as often like Seven-Card Stud, Razz, or Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw.

If you’re not a premium PPA member yet I highly recommend that you do join as it’s one of the best ways to contribute to the fight for your future poker playing in the US. The people at the PPA are fighting hard for your rights to play poker, and for as little as $15 per year you can be a part of that fight as a premium PPA member.

I think it’s a great deal. Just $15 and you’re a premium PPA member for the year, plus you get extras. They just announced this free e-book for us recently, but they have other freebies that you get when you join.

Some things you get when you join the PPA as a premium paid member

1- You will get this great e-book for free when you join. “Fundamentals Of Poker” is a great read, and a nice bonus for being a paid member.

2- You’ll also get 40,000 “HogBucks” which is equivalent to a $20 value that you can use at HogWildPoker Leagues. Hog Wild Poker is a fun poker site. They have all sorts of promos going on there including one where they will stake you in a live poker tournament of your choice up to a certain amount of money depending on the promo.

3- You may also get a PPA T-shirt or playing cards as another premium member option to choose from.

As a PPA premium member there are other things you can take advantage of too and you can check out what some of them are at this link.

One of the things I’d like to highlight which I think is great is that you have access to the Litigation Support Network or LSN as they call it. Sounds like a useful resource for information if you ask me.

From the PPA:

Access to the Litigation Support Network: As a PPA member you will have access to the PPA’s legal and litigation support network (LSN). This will give you access to PPA’s in-house attorneys who can provide high-level assistance to any poker legal questions you may have. The LSN has been active in defending the legal rights of poker players across the country who are seeking to prove that poker is a game of skill.”

I think what the PPA is trying to do for US poker players is a great thing, and I fully support them. I would highly recommend that you join the PPA and support them too.


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