THR Friday Night Live $100 GTD tourney at ACR password announced

I got this email message the other day from the THR staff

Hello Fellow Poker Player!

Thank the poker gods it’s FRIDAY!!! make sure to tune to by 8:00 pm EST to listen in while Wade announces ON AIR ONLY, the password to the THR Friday Night Live! FreeBuy Tournament which starts at 9:00 pm EST at America’s Cardroom.

Then, at 10:00 pm EST, play the THR Friday Night Live Redux!, a $5.50 Buy-in Freeze Out tournament. The password for this and ALL THR tournaments requiring a Buy-in is THR.

Make sure to listen in all night as Wade and Hal Broadcast the tournaments live, starting with the FreeBuy tournament, then switching to the Redux, once it starts. Bounties will be announced ON AIR after the tournaments begin. You MUST be in the THR Chat Room to collect any bounties. Also join us in the Chat Room, so you can chat with Wade and Hal, talk poker, make new friends, and general shenanigans.

See Ya’ at the tables!

The THR Staff

If you’ve never heard of Texas Holdem Radio, that’s ok because I hadn’t either until a few months ago. I was looking around for a freeroll tournament that I could play around in for fun and I came across this tourney on a Friday night at Americas Cardroom. I checked the info of the tourney and I noticed it needed a password.

To get the password you had to go to their site and listen to their radio. The DJ will announce the password live on the air. That’s the only way you’re going to find this password. If you find it somewhere else then it was put there without permission.

It’s free to join THR, and you can even log in with your facebook account. All you have to do is make a free account at Texas Holdem Radio (or login with your facebook account) and then listen to the radio for the password. If you hang around in the chatroom you can listen to the radio and also possibly get some money with some of their bounties. These bounties are only available if you’re in the chat room when you knock the person out.

How do I get to the THR chat room for the password?

It’s real simple. First login or create your account if you don’t have one (or just use facebook to log in). Then you can click on the “chat room click here” picture on the right side of the screen. You have to login to get to the chat room, but you don’t have to login to listen to the radio and get the password.

If you just want the password you can just click on the radio link at the very top of the page and it will pop out a new window with the radio.

That’s it. Nothing to it really. Listen in for a few minutes until you hear the password and that’s all you really need to do. Then you’re off playing in a freeroll.

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  1. This may be true but make sure you don’t listen to the talk show Friday night. If by chance you play a hand that the host doesn’t think you should play he will make serious fun of you on the radio. He is notorious for banning people that he doesn’t like. Chat room is fun but the host is obnoxious and ruins the fun. Sad but true.

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