Is there a trick to beat the slot machines?

New games with skill bonuses can give you an advantage if you look carefully within the game options to see what the winnings will be. Sometimes they’ll be much higher at one machine that has had more bad players play on it than good ones.

But before I get into that I should address a couple questions I see a lot in the forums. These questions mainly address the old school slots that are completely random. That’s not to say that the games today don’t also use random number generators to help with payouts, but there are some differences in some of the games today.

Mainly, the difference lies with skill based games or games with skill based bonuses. You can find a few of these games scattered around in different casinos across the world. My most recent trip to Las Vegas had me playing the skill based slot Frogger at the MGM casino for example.

Should I never walk away from a heater?

When you have a “hot” machine it might seem like staying put is the smartest thing you can do. The idea is that the machine is finally starting to pay out so you shouldn’t leave until it has done so handsomely. Once it starts to pay out it will continue to do so for a little while and you should stay there to play the rush.

This is just superstitious mumbo jumbo. There’s just nothing going on in these slot machines that will let you know when is the best time to play (unless its a skill based one or skill based bonus). You just have to realize that you’re getting random results and sometimes those results come out favorably for you.

What about if I use my rewards card? Will I get less money back because of this?

Another question I see asked in the forums has to do with your casino card. If you want to get comped for all your play then you should get a casino card or sometimes called a “Players Card” everywhere you go. It makes the most sense to get something back from the casino for all your loyalty and play. Some people don’t want to be tracked with all their play, and you don’t have to always use your rewards card, but you can surely benefit from doing so.

You’re not going to get paid less for using your card. Once again, it’s all randomly done. The computer in the machine doesn’t care that you’re using  card or not. The only thing you’re doing by not using your card is you’re not earning any points towards comps and you’re keeping your playing private. If privacy is important to you then don’t use the cards. If you want to get comped then use them.

How do you beat the slots?

If you can’t really “beat” the slots then why did I talk about the possibility of taking advantage of them sometimes? Your advantage will come with the specific games that reward longer term play or ones that have some sort of skill involved in them.

For example, There’s a game I play that has a skill based bonus where you race around a turtle to collect coins in the bonus. It’s called Tully’s Treasure Hunt. If you’re better at maneuvering the turtle around to collect the coins then you’re going to win more money than someone that isn’t as skilled as you are at this bonus.

The trick to the skill based bonus slots

The trick comes somewhere else though. You do need to have skill in order to race around your turtle in these sort of “skill based” bonuses, but you should also check for your jackpot total before you decide to play the machine.

How do you check the jackpot total? You simply look inside the machines payouts and instructions menu. Within those instructions you will eventually get to a page that describes the bonus. Within that bonus you’ll see what the top payout could be for the bonus. This is where you can look around and pick out a good machine to play.

The way it works is that if the machine has had a lot of players play the skill bonus and perform poorly on it then the total jackpot grows for that specific machine. The best way for you to see what is your best machine is to compare a similar machine to see what the bonus is on that machine.

That’s what I noticed when I was reading to play. So I did play, and once I got into the bonus I was able to get every single coin and ruby along the path I chose. After getting to the end and collecting my bonus I then checked the machine options again to see what had happened to the skill bonus jackpot. Not surprising it had reset.

This means that your best bet would be to play the machine with the highest jackpot in the bonus and then once you win the bonus you should find another machine to play. Wait until other players have played there and lost before trying to play that machine again. You want to wait and let that bonus jackpot rise a bit before playing. This is the most optimal strategy.

I’ve found this to be true with all of the skill based bonus slot machines I found. They always have different jackpots for the bonus depending on how well the previous players had done on that machine. Use this info to your advantage and stick to the machines with the highest payouts and skip them if they’ve been reset recently.

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